Alumni Association Award Recipients

Professional Achievement Award

Awarded to an alumnus whose career has reached a level of excellence in his/her respective field of endeavor and is recognized as such by peers and other knowledgeable contacts.

1968Paul Simon ’58
1969David Schneider ’63
1970Sister M. Philip Trauth ’46
1971Dr. Harry Flotemersch ’51
1972Kenneth Reed ’57
1973Kenneth Billman ’55
1974Judge Lawrence Wichmann ’57
1975Thomas J. Kindt ’63
1976Harry Beck ’54
1996Thomas W. Dooley ’52, Judge Anthony Wilhoit ‘ 55
1997Dr. George Miner ’58, David L. Black ’58
1998D. Lynn Meyers ’77
1999Susan McEvoy ’64, David M. Otte ’74
2002William L. Schmaedecke ’56
2003Dr. Judith A. Marlowe ’69
2004Dr. William H. Rauckhorst ’62
2007Kathleen F. Collins ’86, Dr. James R. Connor, Jr. ’75
2009Laryl Lee (Lahrman) Delker) ’49
2011Brent Messmer ’94, Johnna Reeder ’07
2013Dr. Edward J. Connor ’89
2015Sr. Margaret A. Stallmeyer, CDP ’68
2017Timothy Rahschulte ’93, David Schroeder ’90
2019Jeffrey Mando ’80, J.D.
2021Joe Shriver ’94

Citizenship Award

Awarded to an alumnus who made a significant impact on the welfare of his/her community through service and leadership and has committed themselves to the integrity, concern for justice, and service to others for which our Spiritual Patron and namesake – Saint Thomas More – is so justly renowned.

1969Wilbert Ziegler ’53
1970Albert C. Parton, Jr. ’61
1971Donald Wintersheimer ’53
1973Dr. William V. Banks ’63
1974Msgr. Donald Hellman ’49
1975David Surber ’60
1976William Schmaedecke ’56
1996Sister Alice Gerdeman ’73
1997Maureen Maxfield ’72
1998Charles Biery ’70,
Sister Immaculata Campbell ’46
1999William J. Verax, III ’76
2002Daniel Albrinck ’88
2003Charles R. Scheper ’74
2004Sue Ann Cole ’86
2007Andrew J. “A.J.” Schaeffer ’96
2009Kathy (Beechem) Nadherny ’73, 
Patrick J. Raverty ’73
2011Joyce (Hamel) Asfour ’60
Nancy (West) Romer ’91*
2013Wm. T. “Bill” Robinson, III ’67
2015Neena (LaMendola) Volk ’07,
Dr. C. William Blewett ’63
2017Robert Ryan ‘70, Thomas Saalfeld ‘71
2019Steve Lutkenhoff ’71
2021Amy Darpel ’94 | Christopher Sapp ’95

Thomas More University Service Award

Awarded to an alumnus or friend of the University who has provided continued service to the University.  This award recognized extraordinary service in terms of time, energy and expertise rather than financial support.

1968Mary E Ryan Pulskamp ’38
1969Charles Deters ’50
1970George Thelen ’58
1971John F. Murphy ’52
1972Gerald Thelen ’61
1973Patricia Brunen Parton ’64
1974Sister Agnes Margaret Humbert ’36
1976Thomas Zimmer ’53
1996Karen D. Meyers ’71
1997Donna Bloemer ’91
1998Genevieve Ann Harris ’45
1999Andrew J. Reinersman ’87
2002Sr. Rita Marie Mueller ’41
2003Sr. Mary Laurence Budde ’53
2007Carol W. Jansen ’51,
Thomas R. Dietz ’69
2009Jean (Germann) Hengelbrok ’56,
Andrew J. VonLehman ’75
2011James A. Dressman, III ’74, Frank B. Sommerkamp, Jr
2013Charles R. ’74 and Julie Geisen ’76 Scheper
2017Terry Egan ‘71
2019Jeanne-Marie Tapke ’91, Ph.D.
2021Lori Eifert ’15

Lasting Influence Award

Awarded to a faculty or staff member, past or present, who provided a positive and lasting impact on the lives of students and was a role model for life in society as well as in career choice of the students.

1996Sr. Mary Laurence Budde ’53, Michael Burch
1997Dr. Patricia Sommerkamp ’71
1998Nancy Bruns ’60
1999Paul A. Tenkotte ’82
2002Monsignor John F. Murphy ’52
2004Rudolph A. Morow
2007Dr. Ronald A. Mielech ’57
2009Dr. William S. Bryant
2011Dr. George J. Euskirchen, Joy E. Nolan
2013Dr. Raymond G. Hebert
2015Dr. John W. Ferner
2017Dr. Christopher Lorentz
2019Sherry Cook Stanforth, Ph.D.
2021Sr. Irmina Saelinger, OSB, Ph.D.

Service to the Alumni Association Award

Awarded to an alumnus/alumna who exemplified exceptional leadership and/or service to the activities of the Alumni Association.

1975Thomas W. Ginney ’52,
Mary Joyce (Martin) Ginney ’54
1976Susan Court DeFalaise ’66

Distinguished Service Award

During the 1980’s, these honors were awarded as general Alumni Awards, no specific categories.

1980Thomas Dietz ’69,Matthew Maley ’63, Ken Schmidt ’76
1981Joseph Cleves, Sr. ’76, Monsignor Donald Hellmann ’49, Carol Walsh Jansen ’51, Anita Scheper Stautberg ’64, James Stauttberg ’65, Alice Rabe Wintersheimer ’56
1982Thomas W. Ginney ’52,
Mary Joyce (Martin) Ginney ’54, John C. LaVelle ’66,
Wm. T. “Bill” Robinson, III ’67, Janice Sherman Schmidt ’69
1983Michael E. Crawford ’72, Thomas E. Kennedy ’52, Joan O. Noll ’61, Sr. Mary Ann Pitstick, SND ’50, Gerald Thelen ’61, Judge Donald Wintersheimer ’53
1984M. Eileen Cassidy ’68, James R. Connor, Sr. ’50, Gilbert Hageman ’68, Jeanne Baskett Jacobs ’51
1985Dr. William V. Banks ’63,
Sr. Mary Laurence Budde ’53, SND Louis Esselman ’81, Helen Marie Laux ’43, Sr. Rose Rauen ’51, OSB
Judith Jack Wischer ’70
1986Mary Sue Krippenstapel Deters ’52,
David J. Kriege, Sr. ’60,
Clotilde Kuchle ’29,
Sr. Mary Ethel Parrott ’69, SND Patricia J. Smith Sommerkamp ’71, Patrick D. Sweeney ’60

Emerging Leader Award

Awarded to a young alumnus/alumna who exemplifies outstanding young leadership skills.

2021Mary Beth Odom ’19